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Founded in 2004, Profit Worldwide, Inc. innovates data products, Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) and Software as a Service with powerful in-market analytics for clients across a range of industries.

Chief Rainmaker is my brand and official trademark. My moniker has become The Chief Rainmaker because I’ve been known as the go-to Customer Acquisition Specialist for 24+ years. The book is coming along... :)

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I am the artist know as Rick Bliss. I've been painting since the early 90's. You can read the full story on the website for my artwork. I try to paint every week, however, during the Covid lockdown it's increased and I discovered a whole new process that I look forward to sharing in 2024. 

I was interviewed on the Rich Ad Poor Ad podcast. It's the first time I publicly talk about our two hour lunch meeting with "Shark" Mark Cuban. Check it out.

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